RJ Dhvanit Best RJ in Gujarat Radio Mirchi

For me, 16.11.2013 will be remembered as the 'Sachin Tearjerker Day'! Sachin Tendulkar to be conferred with Bharat Ratna! The first ever sports person to receive this honour. In his drawing room, there are only three awards on the wall - Padma Shree, Khel Ratna and Padma Vibhushan... The Ultimate One to be added now. 'સચિન છે કે ગયો?' દરેક મેચ માં આ સવાલના જવાબ પર દરેક ભારતીય ની આશા-નિરાશાનો આધાર હતો. હવે એ સવાલ પણ નહીં સંભાળવા મળે, કે નહી ગૂંજે 'સચિન...સચિન...'નો નાદ. અંજલિ તેંદુલકરે સરસ કહ્યું કે," I can imagine cricket without Sachin. But I can't imagine Sachin without cricket." And what a speech the God of Cricket Himself gave today!

Dhvanit ni karo Bolti Bandh - 2012 Flashback Special! 2012 ni ghatanao vishe naa sawaalo puchine karo maari Bolti Bandh. For eg: Which 2 new popular members were elected for Rajya Sabha from the entertainment industry? How many Olympic medals did we win, in which sports and how many Bronze, Silver & Bronze? Name 3 Bollywood celebs who got married this year. Tell me 3 big rumors of 2012. Amdavad maa ae varshe kaya kaya BRTS routes navaa chaalu thaya? Awaaj aghara 2012 ni ghatnao vishe na sawaalo puchi ne karo maari Bolti Bandh and win couple movie tickets.