RJ Dhvanit Best RJ in Gujarat Radio Mirchi

Contest - Win* couple movie tickets of Cinepolis of the movies - Ragini MMS 2 or Queen in 'Karo Dhvanit ni Bolti Bandh' Contest! Ask me questions with three hints related to the things that are about to get extinct or things that are no longer in use; like MMS is no longer available on our phones! પ્લાસ્ટિકની કોથળી વાળી નોટ સદનસીબે લુપ્ત થઇ છે. If I can't guess the answer with your three hints, you may win* movie tickets! For example: Carbon Paper – Hint 1 - Ek evu paper je 2 paper ni vachche mukva maa ave che.. Hint 2 - This paper is substitute of Xerox ke photocopy evu kehvai STD – Hint 1 - Aana booths haave amdavad naa rasta upar dekhata nathi Hint 2 - Ano full-form haji sudhi koine khabar nai hoy Hint 3 - Aana use maate sikka hamesha rakhva padta hata Roll Camera – Hint 1 – Matra 36 photos aj click thata Hint 2 – Aa vasavu pan ek vaar bahu moti vaat hati Hint 3 – Ema thi kai delete nahatu thai saktu Hint 4 – bhagyey koini paase ae malshe have Hint 5 – bahargam jata tyare koine pase thi borrow kari ne laine jata *conditions apply!